[April 2, 2012]   Research Center for Distance Learning is reorganized as DL Unit in Center for Graduate Education Initiative from April, 2012. We will update this web site which remains some old infomation.
Thank you and please let us know if you have any questions and comments about our unit.


To: Students of School of Information Science

                                                                                            April 7, 2011

                             Dean of School of Information Science
                 Director of Research Center for Distance Learning

Notice: Introduction to Lecture Archive System in Information Science School
of Information Science and Research Center for Distance Learning are working
together to archive the lectures of Information Science. We will release a
new lecture archive system for use inside JAIST. We hope you will use the
system in a positive way for improving your understanding of each lecture as
one of reflection tools.
- Your account (user ID and password) to the system is the same as your
account when you login mail servers in JAIST (It may take a few minutes in
first login).
- You can use the system by Windows PC and ThinClient inside JAIST network.
- You can access all lecture archives of Information Science without any
registration (You need to separately do the formal registration for
attending actual lectures).
- All of lecture archives are copyrighted by Japanese laws and international
- It is prohibited to copy of the lecture archives without the permission.
Please refer to the following URL for more detail information.
or Help pages in the system.
If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact by email.


[February 16, 2010]   Replacement of the learning management system "JENZABAR"