Keynote speech in APEC 2006

Recent trends of applying e-learning to educational organizations
In the beginning, we introduce the e-learning types in both broad and narrow sense, referring to distance learning in educational organizations and organizational learning in business organizations.  Recent status of e-learning application in Japan will be shown.  In educational organizations, the usage is still in trial stage and the objective is mainly focused on substitute for face-to-face teaching.  In business organizations, the rate of e-learning in use is increasing but some difficulties such as shortage of contents are encountered.  Also, basic skills of business organizations are targeted and applications to the knowledge for business competency are still in trial stage.
To overcome this situation, there are a couple of approaches such as pursuit of open source and open course, educational reform type approach and gradual accumulation of good practices approach.  In educational organizations on face-to-face teaching base, their ‘reason for existing’ will be lost if their face-to-face teaching classes are replaced by e-learning and/or distance learning. Therefore, big changes might not be realized unless the reform type or top-down governmental strategy should be put in practice. 
In business Organizations, there are no such obstacles.  Rather, they must be changed, otherwise they cannot survive in this rapid changing business environment.  In business organizations, e-learning in a broad sense should be applied to not only basic skills but also advanced knowledge for business competency.  The concept of Learning Organization by Prof. Senge is essential to business people. From the viewpoint of e-learning, a conceptual model of integrated evolutionary learning is presented.
The practical experiences of e-learning in JAIST will be presented.  Lecture archive system is mainly used for reviewing face-to-face lectures. Live lecture delivery is used for working students in remote campuses or for the union of national universities in Hokuriku-district. Self-learning type is also used for consortium between technical university. Recently, we have challenging trials of international dual university between JAIST and Asian countries.  We are expecting a big advancement in these trials.

:(Toshiya Ando, Keynote speech in APEC symposium on open source and open course for e-learning, Horison Hotel, Hanoi, 4-6 Dec. 2006)