MeetingPlaza service ended of March 2020.


Introduction of New PC Video Conference System

We start a new service of the PC Conference called Webex Meetings.
It is a video conferencing service where users can utilize the system from anywhere through the internet and join real-time interactive communication with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Outline of the service :
- Up to 200 users can join a meeting at the same time.
- JAIST faculties can reserve a meeting, and everyone, including people outside JAIST, can join the meeting from anywhere (All JAIST members will be able to reserve a meeting soon).
- Attending the meeting is charge-free if you have an internet connection.
- The support plug-in or application is installed for the first time.
- It enables you to communicate with each other using streaming video and voice chat and to share application screens, files, chats, and so on.

System Requirements (Link)

Webex Help Center (Link)


1. Access to the Webex sign-in page

2. Enter your JAIST email address and press "Next."

Click image for full screen preview.

3. Enter your JAIST account and password on the JAIST Single Sign-On page and press "LOG IN."

Click image for full screen preview.

4. Click "Schedule" to reserve a meeting. Every participant will receive an email to access the meeting after reservation.

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(Please refer Webex help page: