Introducing Replacement of PC Video Conference

Introducing Replacement of PC Video Conference System

DL Unit, Center for Graduate Education Initiative

We have replaced "Service of PC Video Conference System" called MeetingPlaza.
It is a video conferencing service where users can utilize the system from anywhere in the world through the internet and attend real-time interactive communication.

Outline of the service:

- Up to 32 users can attend a conference.

- Members of JAIST can reserve a conference and everyone including people outside JAIST can attend the conference from anywhere in the world.

- Attending the conference is charge-free if you have an internet connection. (The license of this service is that up to 100 users in total can utilize the server of the PC conference system at the same time).

- To work under an ActiveX control and plug-in automatically installed for your browser.

- To communicate with each other using streaming video and voice chat.

- To share documents such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and so on.

Client PC Requirements

OS: Microsoft Windows XP or later.

Network: Internet connection with 64Kbps or faster.

Sound: Sound devices such as headset or microphone.

Video(optional): Webcam or video capture card with external camera.

Web Browser: IE6.0 or later, Firefox, Opera.

You can reserve your conference by the following URL.

Please visit the page below for details.



If you have any question, please contact us (

Best Regard,  


How to use the PCVideo Conference

1.Necessary equipment for conference participation  
  • PC : OS Windows2000/XP/Vista/7
             Web Browser Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
                                  FireFox3.6 or later
                                  Opera11 or later 
  • Sound           : Headset/Microphone with echo cancelling, Speakers   
  • Video Capture: Webcam/Digital video camera that can connected with an i-Link(IEEE1394)
  • Please access the following url
    LOGIN page: 
  • Input ID and password, and click the LOGIN button.


    Click a image, and  a bigger image is displayed    

3.Conference reservation
  • If the login is successful, a calendar page is displayed.             
  • Click the date of the conference.


    Click a image, and a bigger image is displayed


4.Reception of mail

 When the reservation for a conference is accepted and confirmed, three different types of Email are sent.

  • 「Confirmation of reservation to the conference manager」
    Confirms that a conference has been scheduled with the time, date, subject, and participants.


    Click a image, and a bigger image is displayed

  • 「Email invitation to the conference」
    Information includes date, time, participants, and several helpful links including the one for the conference.


    Click a image, and a bigger image is displayed

  • 「Second notification just before the conference is dut to begin」
    Information includes a reminder and a link to attend the conference.


    Click a image, and a bigger image is displayed

5.Entering the conference room
  • Please click on the URL in the Email to enter the conference room. Your web browser will open automatically.


    Click a image, and a bigger image is displayed

  • The first time you enter a conference you will need to install the plug ins necessary for your browser to use voice and video.


6.Conference Room image

  • One you are connected, your status is shown in the bar to your lower right.
    Note: the choices of connectivity are the following.
    -Direct Connection 
    -TCP Tunneling
    -HTTP proxy        
  • You can measure and adust the setting levels and choose the mic operation setting.


    Click a image, and a bigger image is displayed

  • Support functions for the conference room  

    [Data sharing] 
     While in the conference participants can share electronic file such as Microsoft PowerPoint.Web pages can also be shared among participants.  


     While in MeetingPlaza you are also able to communicate by chat to all or just one of the participants in the conference.

    *Please refer to 「Easy Conference Operation Manual」.