RCACI Associate Professor, DL Unit Leader

Roles and Functions of DL unit,
Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure

In this article, I would like to introduce the roles and functions of DL unit which joined Center for Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure. The unit aims at promoting the diversification and quality-enhancement of our graduate-level education through ICT based education/learning environment in response to reforms in higher educational organizations. The unit is carrying out interdepartmental activities such as research, planning programs, and developing and maintaining systems with respect to ICT based education in JAIST. One such activity is to develop and maintain a lecture archiving system for providing supplement materials of face-to-face lectures, and to install and manage video conferencing systems for cooperating with domestic and foreign institutions.
As the lecture archiving system, we have installed the ones which automatically record and deliver the lectures more than 1000 per one year with a focus on School of Information Science at 15 rooms in Ishikawa campus and Tokyo satellite as shown in Figure 1. We also make recording supports suited to your needs such as bringing our recording equipment in your room or recording the lecture in our studio. All students, faculties and staffs can watch the lecture archives anytime from our campus network by accessing

As the video conferencing systems, we have also provided more than 20 dedicated equipments for interactive remote conferences with high quality video and audio, and promote a PC-based remote conferencing system (MeetingPlaza) through narrow bandwidth as shown in Figure 2. Although it supports only Windows OS now, it is easy to reserve the conference from the campus network by accessing the following URL
By using these systems, we can ease the geographic and/or time restrictions for graduation education. So, please feel free to make contacts with the DL unit (Web Page: E-mail: