Research Interests

The main goal of our research is to facilitate Human Learning and Computer-mediated Interaction in distributed environment based on interdisciplinary approach, involving Learning Science, Educational Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Audio-Visual Processing, and Network Technology. We focus on not only designing and developing advanced distance learning systems but also planning and maintaining practical distance learning programs for JAIST students.


Design Support System for Distance Learning

 The main topic addressed in this research is to develop a design support system based on "Design Pattern" methodology in order to implement a distance learning system systematically and sustainably. The design pattern is based on a communication model by integrating educational requirements and system components for actual distance learning programs. This approach makes it possible to aggregate the reusable patterns by integrating practical ideas from the viewpoint of educational technology and hardware/software systems from the viewpoint of ICT.

Portal Site Development for Supporting Research

The main topic addressed in this research is to develop a Web portal site called rPortal as workspace and platform for scaffolding of our daily research activities. The key idea of rPortal is to integrate diverse web services for supporting each research activity seamlessly by managing vast amounts of contents which are generated, used and published in the related activities. rPortal” also provides such services that students can easily understand the research activity process itself and manage whole research project.


Self-directed Learning Environment on the Web

 Actual Web-based resources generally provide a learner with a“hyperspace” in which he/she can navigate the Web pages in a constructive and self-directed way. Such learning process often involves meta-cognitive activities which control the page navigation and knowledge construction processes. The main topic addressed in this research is to develop meta-cognitive activity support tools which allow him/her to develop meta-cognitive skill for controlling his/her self-directed learning process.

About Hasegawa

The main goal of our research is to facilitate "Human Learning and Computer-mediated Interaction" in distributed environment.