Update for Online Lecture Services

                                                                                         March 8, 2022
To all users
                                                                               Center for Innovative
                                                          Distance Education and Research

                Update for Online Lecture Services

The Center for Innovative Distance Education and Research (CIDER) will

update the following online lecture services from mid-March to early April.
The new user interfaces and functions are introduced on the Center's

A briefing session for lectures and TAs in the 2022 Term 1-1 course will

be held on 4th April 2022.

1. PC conferencing system (Cisco Webex)
 Cisco's Webex desktop application will be automatically updated from
Webex Meetings to Webex App when you sign in after 1st April 2022.
Please be sure to update your software since the old one will eventually

become unavailable around May 2022.
After the update, the desktop application interface and logo will change

with additional functions, including messaging and calling.

For more information, please visit the CIDER web page.


2. Learning management system (JAIST-LMS)
 The Moodle, a software for JAIAT-LMS, will be updated and enhanced

in the middle of March.
The URL of the page will not change after the update, and you can

access the lecture archives of the past years in the same way.

The main enhancements are as follows.
1) JAIST-LMS authentication (Login) supports JAIST-SSO.
2) New lecture video records lecturer and slide individually. You can

change the layout of the lecture video.
3) Faculty members will be able to upload their own videos

(i.e. Webex videos) to the JAIST-LMS streaming server.

For more details, please visit the CIDER page.


If you have any queries, please inform us by e-mail (dlc@ml.jaist.ac.jp).


Best Regards,