Updating JAIST-LMS

JAIST-LMS has been enhanced.

The main enhancements are as follows.

 1) JAIST-LMS authentication (Login) supports JAIST-SSO.
 2) New lecture video records lecturer and slide individually. You can change the layout of the

     lecture video.
3) Faculty members will be able to upload their own videos (i.e. Webex videos) to the JAIST-LMS

    streaming server.

Using JAIST-LMS(The learning management System)


  • It can only be accessed from the campus network.

When you access from outside JAIST, for example from your home, you need to use SSL-VPN service for remote access in advance. For the procedure, please refer to "Access from outside JAIST".

  • You can watch it with a web browser (Firefox 36 or later, Google Chrome 42 or later, and Safari 8 or later).


How to use

 1. To view archived lecture videos.

    Please refer to the section "Login" below.

 2. To inform students about lectures, distribute materials, etc.

    How to use JAIST-LMS


User's guide.

1. User quick guide

2. Teacher quick guide

3. Index of quick guides

 * As of March 18, 2022.

 * The user's guide is also available in the JAIST-LMS.



1. Access https://dlc-lms.jaist.ac.jp/

 * Be sure to bookmark "https://dlc-lms.jaist.ac.jp/" in your browser.


2. Move to the page of JAIST Single Sign-On System(JAIST-SSO).

Enter your JAIST account and password in order.

3.When you log in, you will visit the  JAIST-LMS home page. Then, "Site Announcement", "Course Categories(Course)", "User's Guide", etc. are diplayed on the home page.

* Accounts and passwords are linked to the university LDAP system.


Enrolling in a course

 You need to enroll in advance to watch the lecture archive.

* If this is your first time to log in to JAIST-LMS, you will be able to enroll in courses up to half a day later.

  • To register manually, you access the course you want to watch from Course categories and click the "Enroll me" button.
  • To check your registered courses, click on "My courses" in the System Menu on the upper left.


* This is the registration for watching the lecture archive. Please register the course according to the regular procedure.

* Some restricted courses are not available for watching.

* When you unenroll from a course, the faculty member who is the course administrator will no longer be able to check your information. Therefore, in lectures that use functions such as "Assignments" and "Quizzes," it will no longer be possible to check the submitted work.

Please unenroll from the course some time after the end of the lecture.


Watching lecture videos
1. Select the course you wish to watch from the "Course categories" or "My courses".
2. There is a list of archive recorded below the announcement.
     Select the archive of the date you want to watch.
3. Select either "Video playback is here(PC/Tablet)" or Video playback is here(Smartphone).
 * When "Video playback is here(PC/Tablet)" is selected, you will see two video playback
screens, so you can play back both the lecturer's video and the document video at the same time.
Also, you can change the size and layout of the two playback screens.
When "Video playback is here(Smartphone)" is selected, you need to switch between
the video of the lecturer and the document video alternately, because only one video playback
screen is displayed.

Selecting "Video playback is here(PC/Tablet).

Access from outside JAIST

JAIST-LMS can only be accessed from the campus network.

If you want to access JAIST-LMS from outside JAIST, such as from your home, you need to make a remote access connection to JAIST using "SSL-VPN service" of Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure.

1. Access "https://vpn.jaist.ac.jp" and sign in.
2. Please select "jaist-vpn1" or "jaist-vpn2" as shown below.


For more information about SSL-VPN service, please refer to "SSL-VPN" page of Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure.

"SSL-VPN" page


!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!

The lecture videos on JAIST-LMS can be accessed only from the campus network.
The copyright of all content published on JAIST-LMS is protected by the laws of Japan and international treaties.
Download or reproduction of these contents without permission is prohibited.