We are now offering online/high-flex lectures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in JAIST.
- Online lecture: A format in which students attend lectures without gathering in a lecture room.

  There are three main types: synchronous interactive, synchronous one-way, and asynchronous.

- Hyflex lecture: A format in which face-to-face lectures in a lecture room and online lectures are combined.


You can check meeting information, handouts, and other lecture information of online lectures on the Learning Management System (JAIST-LMS).

SSL-VPN connection is required to access JAIST-LMS from outside JAIST.

 * If you use the SSL-VPN connection, you can freely access the Academic Affairs System from outside JAIST, which can only be accessed from within JAIST as well as JAIST-LMS.


 The following explains the procedure of checking lecture information on JAIST-LMS and participating in online lectures after connecting to SSL-VPN.

If you want to access JAIST-LMS from within JAIST, please start from step 3.


1. One Time Password authentication device registration procedure

2. SSL-VPN connection

3. Check the lecture information on the Learning Management System (JAIST-LMS)

4. Joining an online lecture


1. One Time Password authentication device registration procedure

SSL-VPN connection is authenticated by Single Sign-On System(JAIST-SSO).

If you can confirm the "one-time password(OTP)" for JAIST-SSO from your smartphone, tablet, or PC in advance, you can use the SSL-VPN connection immediately when you need it.

If you have already been issued a digital certificate and have imported it to your device, please skip this step.

When you have a postcard that says "Secret Key for setting OTP," please see the following page.

How to set up One-Time Password (OTP) using postcard

When you do not have a postcard, please see the following page.

One Time Password usage procedure

For iOS (iPhone) and iPadOS (iPad) users
For Android device users
For PC user


2. SSL-VPN connection

The procedure for SSL-VPN connection is as follows.

1. access the SSL-VPN system with a Web browser.

2. Enter your user name and password on the JAIST-SSO screen.

3. You will be asked to select a digital certificate or enter a one-time password.

4. If the authentication is successful, the screen moves to the vpn portal page.


5. Click on "jaist-vpn1" or "jaist-vpn2" to make an SSL-VPN connection.

6. When you make a SSL-VPN connection for the first time, you will need to install the application.

For the installation procedure, please refer to the link below.

Windows環境:BIG-IP Edge Client Components
macOS環境:F5 VPN
Linux環境:F5 VPN


7. When the SSL-VPN connection is established, the message "Connected" will appear in a separate window.

Please note that the SSL-VPN connection will be terminated when this window is closed. 



3. Refer to lecture information in JAIST-LMS

Please operate the following with keeping the "Connected" window of SSL-VPN connection displayed.


1. access JAIST-LMS.

2. After logging in, the [HOME] page will be displayed.

3. Scroll the screen and display [Course categories].

 To find a course you want to join the online lecture, search by [Search courses] windows or follow the categories in the order of [School - Term].

* For more information about JAIST-LMS, please refer to here.

 4. Open the course page and refer to the information about the lecture such as meeting information and handouts for online lectures.



4. Joining an online lecture

Please install the Webex application before joining the online conference.

* Please refer to here for the installation of Webex application.

1. Use the meeting information in JAIST-LMS to join the online lecture.

a) If there is a meeting link, click the link.

b) If only a meeting number is listed, follow the steps below to join.

(1) Launch Webex app

(2) Click the "Join a meeting" button and enter the "meeting number", "Your name", and "Your email address".

(3) Click the "Sign in" button.

2. The Webex app will be launched. Enter your JAIST email address and sign in.

3. Click the "Join meeting" button on the preview screen to join the lecture.