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Mission of Center for Innovative Distance Education and Research
The Center aims at promoting the diversification and quality-enhancement of our graduate-level education through ICT based learning and/or electronic learning (e-learning) in response to reforms in higher educational organizations. The Center is carrying out interdepartmental activities such as research, planning programs, and developing and maintaining systems with respect to ICT based learning and/or e-learning in JAIST. In implementing distance-learning programs, collaborative projects with the schools and centers within JAIST are absolutely essential. The Center is also coordinating such collaborative projects.
Primary Services
Research with respect to ICT based learning
Researching the latest information-and-communication-technology-based e-learning, and using the most effective educational methodology, with practical applications especially for higher educational organizations such as graduate schools, will provide JAIST students with the optimal learning environment.
Planning ICT based learning or e-learning programs 
Planning, promoting and implementing ICT based learning and/or e-learning programs for the three schools of Knowlegde Science, Information Science and Materials Science in JAIST is the core activity of our Center, in its capacity as an interdepartmental Center.
Applying ICT based learning and/or e-learning to adult graduate education at Tokyo satellite campus is another top priority.
We are also developing new e-learning applications for our joint international graduate programs.
Developing and maintaining e-learning systems
Developing and maintaining network systems, computer hardware, and software systems for the following e-learning systems includes educational electronic content development.
Our e-learning systems for graduate school education and research include ICT based learning, self-directed graduate studies, supplementary teaching materials, and collaborative research activities, etc.

Video Conference System
Interactive remote conference system through IP network with broad bandwidth.
PC-based remote conference system through IP network with narrow bandwidth.

Interactive Distance Learning System
Real-time collaborative remote learning system through high-bandwidth IP network.

VOD(Video On Demand)System
System in which streaming visual and acoustic data are stored and delivered on demand through IP network.

WBT(Web-Based Training)System
System on which graduate coursework is being developed for electronic distribution using Web technology.

Implementing ICT-based learning or e-learning programs

In implementing ICT based learning or e-learning programs, the Center promotes putting the right e-learning technology in the right place according to each use case, and also supports effective collaboration between teachers and students.