An example of troubleshooting Webex app launch issue on Windows 10

 Webex apps sometimes do not launch on Windows 10, for example after an update of the Webex apps. The following webex Help Center article provides an example of troubleshooting in such cases.


 Webex Help Center :

Troubleshooting the Webex App Launch Issues on Windows 10


How can I let participants view any page of a shared document?

When using Webex "Share file", you can allow participants to view any page of the shared materials by making the following settings.

"Participant" menu - "Assign Privileges" - "Controls" tab, and check "Any Page"

For more information on how to share, please watch the following video.


Cisco employee channel :

Webexで資料を2つ同時に共有?参加者に好きなページを見てもらう? ファイル共有の方法 (Japanese)


Sharing content

Share content in meetings, webinars, and events. There are several types of sharing, including screen sharing, application sharing, video content sharing, and file sharing.

For more information, see the Webex Help Center article.


Webex Help Center :

Share content in meetings, webinars, and events


Mac and Webex Compatibility

For Mac and Webex compatibility, see the WEbex Help Center article.
There is also an article on installing and setting up desktop applications.


Webex Help Center :

Common Questions Regarding Mac and Webex Compatibility

Will applications for iOS and Android devices be integrated into the Webex app?

As of April 21, 2022, the Webex app and the Meetings app will exist separately, and users will need to select one for each service and function.

There is no announced timeline for the integration.

How do I select a screen layout for recording?

On the Webex site, under the "Preferences - Recordings" tab, you can select a recording layout.


For more information, please refer to the Webex Help Center article.

Webex Help Center:

Select the screen layout for recordings in Webex meetings, webinars and events



How do I set and customize the video layout?

You can use each of the video layout options to set and customize the layout, and to customize the stage.


For more information, please refer to the Webex Help Center article.

Webex Help Center:

Video layouts in Webex Meetings, Webex Webinars, and Webex Events (classic)

How can I join a meeting as a guest?

This is the procedure for joining a meeting as a guest.


1. Click on the "Join a meeting" button.

2. Enter the meeting information, your name to be displayed at the meeting, and your e-mail address, then click the "Next" button.

3. In the "Join the meeting" window, click the "Join as a guest" button.

 4. The following procedure is the same as the normal one for joining a meeting.


How to use Webex Meetings on macOS (Catalina or later)?

To use the Webex Meetings app on macOS Catalina (version 10.15) or later, you will need to set the security and privacy settings.

Specifically, you need to grant permissions in the following sections.

Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy tab, and enable Cisco Webex Meeting in the following sections.

 Microphone section,

 Camera section,

 Screen Recording section,

 Automation section


For details, please refer to the following webex help center page.

webex Help Center - Support for Cisco Webex Meetings for macOS Catalina

I get an error message "Single Sign On failed".



Enter your "E-mail address" in the Webex sign-in screen, and your "User ID" and "Password" in the JAIST-SSO screen that appears next.
If you change your email address, it will take a few hours for the change to be reflected in Webex. During this time, you may not be able to sign in with either your old or new email address.

If you have not changed your email address and the message "Single Sign On failed." is still displayed, please check that the email address you entered is correct. (Even if the email address is incorrect, if the latter half of the email address is "", you will be redirected to the JAIST-SSO screen.)